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Imagine having no need to rely on anyone’s help; 

Imagine being able to handle an emergency situation on your own 

Imagine having knowledge of your own design 

Imagine that your body has a language and that you are able to understand it 


Imagine that this language is the highest communicative, informational tool for your health:


Imagine that this language is always available to you

Imagine mastering this language and becoming an expert in your own health 


Imagine that there exist tools to manage your health effortlessly 

Imagine becoming so well that your disease becomes your past. 

Imagine that all of this is possible and more.

About Our Founder

Our founder, Olga Imas is a highly skilled wellness expert and clinician whose  practice is the culmination of her broad career which had covered extensive clinical studies, research and development, publishing research papers, teaching and speaking in the areas of Homeopathy, herbal medicine, Tibetan diet, Immunology, immuno-pathology, autoimmune processes, neuropathology/psychiatry and disease pathology. 

Our founder, Olga Imas.

Embark on a journey of transforming your disease into a vibrant state of well-being today. 

Read about our services below 

Our Services

Herbal Oils
Chia Pudding

Acute Care Package

Individualized care for acute imbalances.

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Chronic Care 

Custom-tailored health restoration plans for chronic imbalances.

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Nutritional Consultation

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 Restore even the most severe imbalances without ever stepping foot into an office. 

All of our consultations are available long distance.


My experience with homeopathy has been both frustrating and the best experience of my life. I am extremely lucky to have met Dr. Imas. I now feel much better. I am now much stronger. I am finally on my way to being able to have the life I want. I am forever grateful to Dr. Imas and am continuing my journey.

Omniremedia is a welcoming space for everyone and is introducing a truly effective approach in managing subtle or deep health concerns. In my 10 years experience with Olga Imas, I have seen and experienced how  through the existing foundational wisdom that so many are able to heal and become healthy.

From my personal experiences and that of my wife's, I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Imas if you have any type of health threatening condition at all. I have complete confidence that whatever your ailment, no matter how serious,  Dr. Imas can get your health back in order. I trust her completely and have the highest respect for her.

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