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Our founder, Olga Imas is a highly skilled wellness expert and clinician whose  practice is the culmination of her broad career which had covered extensive clinical studies, research and development, publishing research papers, teaching and speaking in the areas of Homeopathy, herbal medicine, Tibetan diet, Immunology, immuno-pathology, autoimmune processes, neuropathology/psychiatry and disease pathology. She holds post-graduate, graduate degrees and diplomas from the Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine, Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate studies, People’s Friendship University of Russia in Moscow, and Moscow Medical Nursing College, and she had graduated from all with honours and distinction.

She is also affiliated with research projects at the world-renown hospital Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto), where she was actively  involved in the infection control division SARS project, as well as being involved in the University of Toronto research network.  

Over the years, her experience in immunology, microbiology and normal physiology has enabled her to work at the St. Michael’s Hospital of Toronto, The Russian Academy of Medical Science Moscow, and the State R&D Institute of Normal Physiology, Moscow.


The focus of Olga’s practice is her signature fusion method, which incorporates various modalities, such as Homeopathy, Normal Physiology, ancient healing arts, and clinical expertise.  Her nutritional consultations follow the Traditional Tibetan Medicine precepts of food as medicine. Her clinical expertise allows her to distinguish between different pathologies and her comprehensive clinical background gives her the ability to guide the patient through observations of the disease process and healing. She specializes in the most complicated cases such as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, schizophrenia, autism, ADD/ADHD and addictions, as well as treats less complicated and acute conditions. 

Downloadable CV:

Olga Imas CV

Our Method

Homeopathic Medicine

Our method is all about making ancient healing techniques relevant and effective for modern-age health problems using years of clinical experience and backed up by scientific expertise.


Our method uses ancient healing practices such as homeopathy, Tibetan and Chinese food medicine, and traditional herbal folk remedies as sustainable tools for restoring, managing and maintaining health. 

The holistic approach of these disciplines forms the basis of our treatment philosophy: individualized, complete and non-invasive.

Backed up by science


Our founder's years of scientific research provide the necessary context and explanation to make age-old healing arts relevant to modern day health challenges. 

Some of the disciplines we base ourselves upon are normal physiology, immunology, quantum physics and molecular biology. 

Fueled by clinical experience

For millennia, masters of the healing arts relied on nothing other than mere observation and understanding of the language of the body in order to make a crystal clear assessment of an individual's health. 

Today, clinical expertise is nearly a lost art, with modern day professionals relying on technology to replace the skill of observation. 

Olga Imas is a rarity, having been taught by professors who, as medical interns, spent several years in Siberia deprived of any medical equipment. There, they were forced to rely on nothing other than their clinical skills and knowledge of physiology. Luckily, they passed on this unique skill to her, making Olga able to masterfully assess a case without ever seeing the client in person.

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