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Omniremedia is a welcoming space for everyone and is introducing a truly effective approach in managing subtle or deep health concerns. In my 10 years experience with Olga Imas, I have seen and experienced how this program has formed behind the scenes from real practice on real people from around the world and it is through the existing foundational wisdom that so many are able to heal and become healthy.


For many years I struggled with deep chronic pain everywhere in my body due to a medical condition which I was told by Hospital Staff, that there was no cure to any of my suffering. Until I had found Olga and received actual help and her care and concern for my wellbeing, I had lived with residual physical pain for 4 years. But my goal was to live again without using harsh medicines...and this is exactly what happened! Living in a world that offers so many chemicals and surgeries to people coping with compromised health day to day and without any resolution, deserve a chance to choose a path of wellness and this is what is offered on Omniremedia through Olga Imas and Practising Specialists. It is a service and practice that I wish I was aware of long before 10 years ago.


Now that I am a Wellness Specialist Intern, I realize more about how my own health has changed and improved and I get to observe similar affects of Clients based on their own experiences and feedback. Many can report that most of what is experienced is the complete resolution of pains overtime, increased energy and clarity, quicker reversal of short-term illnesses without use of drugs, youthful appearance and glow. As a client and student, l can advocate for these shared reasons and results and why Omniremedia is designed to serve everyone, for the purpose of healing each individual. A client can request unlimited maintenance of their health from qualified practitioners and address concerns throughout their life as they happen using the provided and prescribed remedies to take control of their health again with attentive support and guidance as needed. Modules engrain a respect to the nature of what remedies are, how remedies work and how each client has a unique and dynamic immune system.


Overall I would say that this program is like a bridge which connects the power of the self-healing mechanism in each person to the natural laws which govern the ability to repair, regenerate, re-build and renew life.


- Olivia Palubski, Client and Intern Student

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I was very fortunate to connect with Olga through a friend back in 2010. It was a very difficult time for my daughter who was suffering from a chronic medical condition. We spent several years meeting professionals who basically said their was no cure for my daughter's disease, and the only option suggested was pain medication and top it up with  Tylenol. We decided to find alternative ways for her to cope and not use drugs to further aggravate her condition.

It is now 2021, and my daughter has become a  stronger person with much more vitality and has been able to cure herself and others using acute practises that she learned from Olga's exceptional teachings. Olga has been a very crucial "remedy" to my  daughter's overall spirit and well being. Through her teachings and caring for my daughter I am witness to how successful remedies do work as I am also a client and use remedies regularly to heal myself.

I am truly grateful to Olga for her deep concern, positive efforts and giving hope back to my daughter. Olga is highly educated, experienced and is a natural healer with great knowledge and wisdom.

I am blessed to be part of Omni Remedia and recommend the service and great care that is provided. It is rare that we find dedicated people who really care about our physical, mental and spiritual state. I am so happy that we found Olga as she is not only our friend but a gift from God!

Thank you so much Olga, we love you for making a difference.

- Judith Palubski

My name is Pat Bliss from Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada. I am a 63 year old retired male. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia which is a condition that affects the nerves in the jaw. In my case, it was on my lower mandible. The pain was like no other pain I had ever experienced. It feels like someone has heated a very sharp serrated knife red hot and stabs and saws it back and forth inside my lower jaw. These pains would happen without warning and are completely debilitating. Complete body spasms accompany this pain, It would wake me in the night in such agony I would be in a sweat and by body in convulsions. Sleep was almost non existent and eating was so intensely painful, I was able to only sparingly drink meal replacers through a straw. 


Over the next month I went to four doctors and my dentist, all of who prescribed different forms of an epilepsy medication (I am not epileptic) that were highly addictive and as it turned out, did absolutely NOTHING for the pain or the spasmodic attacks. After being in a painful fog from the drugs for a week, I had to gradually wean myself from them as the withdrawal effects could be very serious as well. X Rays were taken several times with no apparent cause being seen. Then I got a referral to an Ear, Nose, Mouth and Throat specialist but like all the other doctors and dentist, he could find nothing wrong and said my prognosis was a painful rest of my life. Upon doing my own research about Trigeminal Neuralgia, I found out that is commonly known as "The Suicide Disease" and at that point I could see why. So called modern medicine treats it by cutting off the nerves to the jaw that might help but rarely does. That seemed a foolish and barbaric treatment and from what I read it is seldom successful. 


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A month prior to my condition starting I had gone to my dentist for my semi-annual check-up and cleaning. The attendant who cleaned my teeth was so rough and caused me more pain than I had ever experienced with a cleaning. She was relentless at prying at my crowns, actually digging into my gums and picking away at my fillings so hard I thought she was going to loosen them all. The Trigeminal Neuralgia condition started gradually after the appointment within a few days I noticed some pains building but not severe yet. Unhappy about what had happened, I returned to my dentist and complained and they too x rayed my mouth and found no problems. He did point out that all my pain was under several teeth that had root canals and he said that there was no reason to be in pain. Then one night, it hit me like a train wreck! That is when I started on my quest for help and received none until I went to see a friend who is a Naturopathic Doctor who gave me relief but referred me on to Dr. Imas as my condition had become chronic. That is when I made contact with her.


Over the next few weeks, Dr. Imas studied my case and prescribed remedies specific for my condition and my personal health. My pains gradually started to ease and my general health improved greatly. It didn't take long before I noticed that my painful episodes had all but disappeared with only the occasional flareup at a greatly reduced pain level and has been pain free ever since. My health and life were back on track again. That was four years ago and I continue to NOT experience those horrid painful episodes. As for my general health, well it keeps on getting better at an age when it normally is going backwards at age 63. Fortunately I have found a General Practitioner who is on board with my condition and the route that I have taken to become healthy. As a matter of fact, when I first went to him he told me right off that he doesn't believe in prescribing drugs. I knew he was the GP for me. Over the last 3 years I only see him for my annual physicals and  he is always surprised at my continued improvement of general health. He said that I have the vital signs that most 20 year olds wished they had. He said that every year my stats are improved and highly recommended to continue with Dr. Imas' treatments (I would have anyway).  Imagine, all this treatment and no drugs used. I don't use anything except what remedies that are sent to me from her. 


From my personal experiences and that of my wife's, I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Imas if you have any type of health threatening condition at all. I have complete confidence that whatever your ailment, no matter how serious,  Dr. Imas can get your health back in order. I trust her completely and have the highest respect for her.

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I have my life back.....

I look back to my first appointment, and how low my health and energy was, I’d been looking for a solution for a long time and found it through restoring my health, utilizing chronic care and acute care.

My perspective changed on what health is, and because of Olga’s method I’m living again, I have energy and drive.


Janet Andrews

My experience with homeopathy has been both frustrating and the best experience of my life. I am extremely lucky to have met Dr. Imas. I went into the experience of homeopathy thinking that I would fix one one issue (that western medicine was unable to help me with) within a relatively short period of time. However, with the help, encouragement, and extremely in-depth knowledge of Dr. Imas I was able gain an in-depth understanding of what “health “ really is. I now feel much better. I am now much stronger. I am finally on my way to being able to have the life I want. I am forever grateful to Dr. Imas and am continuing my journey.

- Janet Remus 

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Hello, my name is Raymond Hamoline.   Along with my wife, Bridget, we farm at Aberdeen, Saskatchewan.  For many years, it was getting harder and harder for

Me to function.  In the fall of 2007, I realized that something wasn’t quite right upstairs.  There was a sensation in my head, but, it was not a headache.

Just by chance, I started working with a western medicine doctor.  I went to almost every conceivable specialist and they could find nothing wrong.

We had decided, I would go to the mayo clinic, but, then another health issue arose and I never made the trip.  That’s when my family physician and I

Realized  I was chronic. We came to the conclusion, that I probably had chronic fatigue syndrome.  I did research on the internet and you basically have

Nothing wrong.  Their treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, at that time was anti depressants. My physician, told me that if you do not fit the box (example,

Cancer, diabetes, etc.), western medicine will not be able to help you.  I was fortunate that he was supportive of alternative medicine. 

I lost 35 lbs., and  almost all my muscle mass in a matter of one and a half months.  I was very, very ill and barely had the energy to walk.  In July, 2012,

A naturopathic doctor, referred me to Dr. Olga.

Dr. Olga came to the conclusion, that for some unknown reason, my body doesn’t get rid of toxins.  The sensation in my head was that I finally got my brain toxic.

I could not and still cannot, drink any alcohol, eat processed foods, coffee, sugar, etc..

Since my health issues started in childhood, or even infancy, I cannot expect an overnight recovery.  I have always been extremely sensitive to scented products

And people.  Working with Dr. Olga, has been a godsend.  I did not always , fully agree with some of her diagnosis, but she always proved me wrong.

I hate to have to admit this.  She has been able to treat very specific problems as well as broad spectrum ones.  No matter what the future holds, I will only use

Dr. Olga’s expertise and recommendations.  It has been an incredible, spiritual awakening.  I comprehend so many things about life, so much clearer. 

I have come from, barely being able to walk, to almost functioning like a 63 year old.  I have done more work on the farm in this one year, than I have done in

The past 12 years.

In 2015, my wife, Bridget, suffered from sciatic nerve issues.  She became a client of Dr. Olga’s.  Dr. Olga, helped Bridget with that issue as well as many others.

No matter what challenges, life presents us with, we will always rely on Dr. Olga.  If fate had not brought Dr. Olga and I together, I do not know what my life would

Be like, or if I would even be alive.


Raymond Hamoline 

In 2011, I was living a happy, content life with my loving husband while we were raising our 3 active teenagers.  It came as quite a shock in April, when I was diagnosed with a choroidal melanoma by my husband, who is also my Optometrist. I did not have any symptoms. This lesion showed up on an Optomap retinal photo.   In May, I was treated out of province with brachytherapy radiation to kill the tumor and prevent metastasis.

After my eye surgery, I asked my out of province specialist what I could do to prevent the spread of this cancer.  He kindly said just keep living my life as I have been.  This suggestion did not sit well with me.  I felt that I needed to try all avenues possible to prevent the cancer from spreading.  When I told my cousin my concerns, she suggested that I see a Naturopath.  I did.  This Naturopath told me that my condition was out of her scope of practice, but she knew of someone that could help me – Dr. Olga Imas.

cindy rae.jpg

My first meeting with Dr. Olga, in person, was in September, 2011. After this appointment, I felt that I was going in the right direction. She explained her method to me and answered all of my questions. 

This Alternative Medicine was foreign to me and difficult for me to accept because of my beliefs in Western Medicine.  You must understand that I always like to think things through, before accepting them full heartedly.  I felt that I needed something to help boost my immune system to minimize the risk of metastasis.  Based on the last 10 years, I feel confident that the Omniremedia method has provided me with the good health and life that I am living today. Throughout the years, I believe that it has not only been beneficial for my melanoma of my eye, but I have also seen it work effectively for me with severe throat infections, various cysts, pre-menopausal fibroids and the side effects of these and my overall health and wellness.  As you can see, my belief in Dr. Olga's method is not based on one experience, but rather on many.

Dr. Olga Imas has been a valuable, constant support through all of my health concerns. First, she taught me about her unique wellness method and how to put it into practice.  Second, she always gave me hope when I second guessed many things. Third, I regained my health and now place it at the top of my priority list. Fourth, I am happy!

Sometimes people come into your life for a reason.  Dr. Olga is that person for me. I will be forever grateful for her and her expertise in my health journey! 

- Cindy Rae 

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