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Our Philosophy

           Our philosophy is founded upon the following premises: 

  • Each person is entirely individual and experiences unique, individual imbalances; therefore, each client requires a unique, individual solution 

  • In order to achieve overall harmony, it is essential to use tools which function in accordance with the human makeup and which address the totality of an individual’s well-being

  • Human beings are dynamic creatures and therefore require health management tools capable of adjusting to and guiding the dynamic nature of the human experience 

  • Each human being is endowed with built-in self-regulatory mechanisms entirely capable of managing any health imbalanced provided the proper guidance; overall harmony 

  • Subsequently, all tools used to manage well-being must be non-invasive so as not to disrupt the wholesomeness of the human organism

  • The purpose of health care is to provide the most energy-efficient tools possible to maintain overall harmony of the body

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