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Wellness Solutions for Everyone

Acute Care 

The goals of Acute Care is to handle acute conditions (such as cold and flu, sprains, injuries, etc.) using dynamized homeopathic remedies which work in harmony with the human design.

Fee: €240

Method: 7 rounds of online exchange of information

Read more about this service here. 

Prerequisite: The purchase of an Acute Care Kit in order to be equipped with necessary tools. 

Suitable for: 

- Those who would like to embark on their journey with Omniremedia, but do not feel ready to commit to a chronic consultation 

- Those who are generally healthy and simply wish to maintain their level of health and improve it over time through proper treatment of acute conditions

- Anyone who is interested in managing all acute conditions naturally, and non-invasively long term.

Classic Initial Chronic Consultation

Chronic Fusion is the most popular service offered by our practice. This service is aimed at restoring health in the long term and transforming even the most difficult chronic conditions into healthy processes.




Method: One 1-1.5 hour consultation with Olga Imas. The purpose of this consultation is to collect all necessary information in order to synthesise a suitable choice of remedy among 50,000 remedies.

Prerequisite: Please e-mail our practice here in order to determine your level of imbalance.

Suitable for: 

- Those who wish to resolve deep seated, chronic issues in a natural, harmonious, non-invasive manner. 

- Anyone who would like to embark on the journey of transforming or enhancing their level of health at the deepest possible level. 

Deep Recovery 

Recovery Fusion is a special service designed for those who are experiencing the serious consequences of managing their health with tools that go against the human design. This service is especially recommended for chronic imbalances either occurring or worsened by the high levels of toxicity produced by methods such as: medications, poor diet, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, regular use of toxic substances, narcotics, and so on. This is an intensive program designed to assist in full recovery from an uncontrollable spiral of imbalance to a state of manageable well-being.  



Suitable for: 

- Extremely serious cases requiring special attention and additional care

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