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Window Plants



Advocate program:


Duration of the course: 2 days (10 hours) 

This is the perfect place to start if you love what we do but aren't ready to take the full plunge into learning the method itself. Instead, you can share our movement with others by becoming an advocate !


This program is design for those who are interested in our approach but are not yet ready to commit to a full program. If you are supportive of the method, but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full program, you can take this speedy course and learn about the method and the practice at an introductory level. This course allows you to: 


  • Gain fundamental knowledge about well-being, the management of health, the ins and outs of a wellness practice and more.  


  • Become a representative of Omniremedial and share the message at conferences, events, schools, and so on; 


  • Become an official distributor of the method: you can partake in widening our reach and receive rewards for your work;  


  • Continue to study on our other tracks at a more convenient time using the credits you gained in this course

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