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We believe that full recovery cannot take place in an unhealthy environment. This is why we launched several projects geared towards the cleaning, restoration and rejuvenation of local ecosystems. 

Some background...
Our initial plan was to build a healing centre in a pristine, untouched natural environment because we understood that complete restoration could not take place in the unnatural environment of a heavily polluted city. However, contrary to our expectations, when we arrived, we were confronted with a vast array of local environmental problems which compromised our ability to create the vision we aspired to. 
So, we took matters into our own hands and began independently cleaning and restoring the local environment through various multidisciplinary directions.


Water is the fundamental source of

well-being or disease. It determines the functionality of the surrounding ecosystems and the either ensures or compromises biodiversity. In short, the health of the individual and of the planet is in direct correlation with the health of our water.

Problem: Unfortunately, due to reckless mining in the region, the local river has been dried out as a result of the alteration of natural terrain and severe pollution of the river banks by illegal industrial garbage disposal. 

Solution: Our solution is comprised of three steps:

1. Clean up the river banks using excavators as well as manual labour. 

2. Plant x amount of trees and various other plants along the river banks to begin the restoration of the endemic ecosystem. 

3. Guard the area from further potential pollution. 


- Protecting the surrounding area from additional pollution means that we have to rent the land along the riverbanks from the local government 

- Cleaning the area requires the hiring of staff, excavators, and permaculture experts to assist in creating a sustainable oasis along the river banks

- Protecting the area from pollution and damage requires constant monitoring of the premises, which means that we need to invest in surveillance equipment in order to make sure that our efforts are not compromised

- In order to actually plant the trees along the river, it is necessary to hire experts for terrain design along the entire 10 km of the riverbank, as well as purchase all the suitable plants to revive the ecosystem

- Currently, we are investing our own resources into the advancement of this project. However, this puts a limit on the speed and scope of our impact. 

- In order to accelerate our progress and cover as much territory as possible, any financial contribution to our efforts is highly appreciated. 


Without the consumption of adequate nutrients - clean, whole, unmodified - the ability of a human being to naturally recover from profound disharmony is significantly compromised.  Fortunately, when provided the proper nutrients and the proper environment, the human organism returns quite quickly to its natural self-regulatory mechanisms. This is why we are adamant in the research and implementation of sustainable agricultural practices in a pristine environment, with the goal of providing clean produce to clients enrolled in local programs as well as in the form of international shipments.


With the issue of desertification and water scarcity becoming more and more imminent worldwide, the need for water solutions is growing rapidly. 

Luckily, the high humidity levels of Cyprus allow for the collection of water from air. Various innovators across the globe have created systems of dew collection which provide sufficient water to cover all human needs year round. 

Currently, we are researching models and companies providing such technologies in order to bring them to Cyprus as a solution for desertification.


- The obtention of these technologies requires additional expenses, time and effort which goes beyond the scope of our day to day work 

- The water collected through these technologies will be used directly in the restoration of the river and of local ecosystems,  as well as in the permaculture garden providing nourishment for our guests 

- Water scarcity is not just a local problem - it is an increasingly relevant issue across the globe and restoring the ecosystem of even one region can help bring about balance on the planet as a whole. Our motto: think globally, act locally. 


When we arrived to Cyprus, one of the first striking issues that caught our attention was the severity of animal abuse and neglect present on the island. 

Due to various circumstances, the proportion of strays and other animals either subjected to abuse or neglect, all requiring rehabilitation, is alarmingly large. Unable to stand idly by, we initially began saving dog by dog privately, but as we encountered more and more cases, we took it upon ourselves to try to help every animal in need that we came across. 

Today, we host 13 dogs and counting on our premise, many of which came from a past of human abuse. 


- Caring for 13 dogs requires high expenses for feeding, veterinary services and providing  necessary shelter

- As much as we love these animals, they do take up quite a bit of our time and compromise our ability to invest more time in growing our practice, developing new products for our clients and developing our centre on the ground 

- The health of humanity cannot be whole without also addressing the health of our environment, which includes animals. Helping an animal in need is one of the most noble and rewarding deeds available to a human being. 

- Being able to invest more time and money into our dog rescue project would enable us to provide a larger premise to host them, hire staff to assist in caring for them and spread our rescue efforts across the island. 


These projects are just the tip of the iceberg for what we'd like to add to our centre. Below are a few other additions we hope to make within five to ten years. 

Cob house construction

cob house 2.jpeg

Inspirations for cob domes

The space in which we dwell has as much importance as the environment around us. 

This is why we decided to create accommodation spaces which keep you connected to nature, while being aesthetically pleasing to the eye and providing all the necessary amenities for comfortable living. 

Construction of these cob homes has not yet begun, but we are currently researching available materials, staff and planning the structures. As soon as construction begins, updates will be on their way. 

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